Free Cleaner and Booster

Protect & speed up your Amazon device with antivirus app

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You device may be infected with viruses

In today's world, the security of your personal data is very important. Check your Amazon device, maybe someone has access to your data. Check the security of your tablet and keep it safe in the future with our app.


Boost your device

Tired of your tablet working slowly and quickly running out of battery power? Don't rush to buy a new one, our app will help you optimize the performance of your device. Enjoy the speed as on the day of purchase.


Clean your system

You will be very surprised when you find out how many junk files are stored on your device. Free Cleaner and Booster will not only free up more memory, but also ensure that such files are deleted in the future. Keep your file system in order and your device will last longer!


Viruses are no longer scary

Every day when you access the Internet, your device can potentially be infected with many viruses and trojans. Some of them are relatively safe, while others can cause serious danger. Our application constantly updates its anti-virus databases and easily finds and removes 99% of threats.